What is Black Raspberry?

What is Black Raspberry?

Black Raspberries are a relative of the raspberry, and are the most widely researched berry. Though they can be grown in several areas of the United States, they are commonly grown in Oregon for commercial use. In fact, even though they originated on the east coast, Oregon accounts for 90% of the commercial production in the United States. The black raspberry harvest usually only runs about three weeks, starting near the beginning of July, so it not common to find them fresh.

Forms of Black Raspberry

Black Raspberry comes in several forms, ranging from the whole berry, to pills, powders, and liquid.

  • Berries: These are the whole fruit, commonly grown throughout North America. Growing them is tricky, however, and producing fresh berries on a large scale can be costly.
  • Extracts:Extracts are made with all the nutrition of the whole berry, for cooking, and for inclusion in health supplements.
  • Pills: These are made from freeze dried black raspberries crushed to a fine consistency. Pills are used when people want to get the benefits of the supplement, without using the powder or liquid form. You can find pills in tablet or capsule form, in a variety of dosage amounts.
  • Powder:The powdered form is made from crushed freeze dried berries, and is for the production of pill supplements, as well as publicly available for people who want to add the supplement to their favorite foods and drinks.
  • Liquid:The liquid form is available for people who wish to mix the supplement into to shakes and other drinks, without having to use the whole fruit or deal with the consistency issues using the powdered form may cause.

Black Raspberry Uses

Black Raspberry is used in a variety of culinary applications including: jams, jellies, pies, ice creams, and cobblers. The juice is also used as a dye. They also have several health benefits, because of the high concentration of anthocyanins, responsible for their deep dark color and nutrient value.

Read through this website to learn more about the various benefits of black raspberry to help you determine if you will benefit from using it in your daily routine.